Top Keyloggers for Mac

Amac Keylogger for Mac best alternative

The Amac Keylogger’s features include keystroke recording, message/chat recording (both ways), screenshots, emailed logs, and more. Additionally, it offers a monitoring option for multiple users, can locate the target computer using its IP address (a great tool for seeing where your laptop is being taken, or simply a recovery feature for a lost/stolen laptop), and offers great customer support. Support includes a detailed FAQ, toll-free telephone support, live chat, and email support. The Employee Monitor includes monitoring browsing in Private (Pro version does not), remote installation and updates, and certain remote controlling options of the target computer.

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Although this Keylogger offers great features, it is on the expensive side. Additionally, the trial version expires after seven days. If you want all of the Amac’s features plus more for cheaper, or you want to use a free version long-term, you might want to try out the Perfect Keylogger.

Aobo Keylogger for Mac best alternative

Aobo Mac Keylogger offers the standard keylogger features: keystroke recording, screenshots, and logs sent by email. It is easy to use, and it is actually a clone of a previous version of the Perfect Keylogger. Its big advantage is that a free lifetime customer support is offered for the version purchased. The customer support is extensive – live chat, email, telephone support and a lengthy FAQ list are all offered. Additionally, free updates are offered within a year of purchase.

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However, anyone interested in purchasing the Aobo keylogger must not rush; the trial version is only valid for 3 days, and the full version is $116.97, making it one of the more expensive keyloggers on the market. One must consider whether the customer service and support options offered justify the hefty price. In the mean time, one can enjoy the Perfect Keylogger’s free trial version. The Perfect Keylogger’s full version also offers customer support and updates (both for free), and a much cheaper price.

Elite Keylogger for Mac best alternative

This free Mac keylogger is well-designed and has a user-friendly interface. Computer activity for any given date can be accessed immediately by simply selecting the desired date on the interface’s calendar. Screenshot intervals can be adjusted according to the user’s needs. The Elite Keylogger not only records keystrokes, but even text copied onto the clipboard. This feature is highly useful, as many passwords, user names, and other important data are simply copied and pasted.

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The Elite Keylogger does not offer filtering or blocking features – a major disadvantage for anyone who wants their computer protected from undesirable content.  Additionally, there is no feature that alerts the administrator upon selected keyword entries. Another disadvantage is that password and user name recording is not available from MAC OS X 10.11 and above.  However, anyone who needs these important features can still have them with the Perfect Keylogger.

HowerWatch Keylogger for Mac best alternative

Hoverwatch offers monitoring products for phones, and also offers a keylogger for Mac. It has a clear, attractive user interface, takes screenshots, records browsing history, messages and keystrokes, and has a special Facebook monitoring feature, which monitors Facebook activity. There are options for 1-month and 3-month subscriptions, and also packages for multiple devices. In order to view monitoring records, you must create an online account and log in.

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Although the keylogger works very nicely, features are lacking – emailed logs, alerts when keywords are entered, and a filter. There is no free version, but you can have a three-day trial for free. The price is also quite expensive – if you’re looking for good monitoring software for your Mac with more features, a no-strings-attached free version, and a one-time, cheap purchase for the full version, you might want to consider the Perfect Keylogger.

KidLogger Keylogger for Mac best alternative

KidLogger is simple and has some great monitoring features, including screenshot recording when the user enters a keyword, taking a picture of the user upon startup, or recording audio/video. There is also a 3-month and 6-month subscription option, which can provide flexibility in certain scenarios.

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The Kidlogger is not invisible (only the Professional version offers an invisible feature). While knowing that one is being watched can serve as a deterrent, for some it defeats the purpose of the keylogger. Additionally, the Kidlogger does not offer any filtering options. Finally, although subscribing to the keylogger accommodates short-term use for a low price, the flip-side is that long-term use is quite expensive. We recommend to try Perfect Keylogger for Mac instead.

logKext Keylogger for Mac best alternative

logKext is an older and basically obsolete keylogger which simply records keystrokes and nothing else. It loads into the kernel, so it bypasses user-level security measures and is therefore invisible. On the other hand, in order to install, uninstall and access the program, you must use the command line – a sometimes daunting feat for the uninitiated user.

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This application is open source, meaning one can access the source code and edit it. If you are a programmer and want to customize the keylogger to your needs, this could be great. However, for the vast majority of users (even computer-savvy ones), logKext is outdated; the lack of functionality, a user-friendly interface, and accessibility make it an unpopular choice. If you just need a keystroke monitor, try the Perfect Keylogger Lite version and benefit from an easy-to-use free program.

Realtime Spy Keylogger for Mac best alternative

Realtime-Spy is a great remote monitoring/keylogging program with a clean, well-designed, and easy-to-use user interface. After logging into your online account’s control panel, you have access to all of the reports of the target computer’s activities. The monitoring features are extensive – besides keystroke and screenshot recording, many more activities are recorded in full detail: file and application activities, chat/messages, emails, browsing history and more. The administrator also has the ability to shut down and restart the target computer remotely, and can also freeze and unfreeze the mouse. Customer service is also available around the clock.

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Realtime-Spy looks like a great, well-rounded application. Unfortunately, it offers no filtering options, alerts upon keyword entries, or emailed reports. Additionally, while the website offers a demo account that you can log into and preview all of the features, there is no free version available. If these features are important to you, give Perfect Keylogger a try.

Refog free Keylogger for Mac best alternative

Besides its free trial version, Refog offers two different options: the Keylogger and the Personal Monitor. The Keylogger records keystrokes, takes screenshots, and monitors the websites visited. The Personal Monitor is more inclusive – text copied to the clipboard is also recorded, and logs can be emailed to you.

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Although both products are straight-forward and easy-to-use, emails cannot be monitored, only out-bound chat/messages can be recorded, and there are no filtering features. Also, in order to download the the free trial version, one must register, which takes time and requires entering one’s email address. If these features are important to you, try the Perfect Keylogger!

Sniper Spy Keylogger for Mac best alternative

SniperSpy offers a large variety of sophisticated features. Unlike many other keyloggers, it offers strong filtering capabilities, including app, web, chat, and time-controlled filters. It also offers many control features, such as browsing the file system remotely, sending Admin messages to the user, and locking/unlocking mouse movements. Additionally, one can watch the user’s screen live, just like a shared desktop.

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The SniperSpy’s features are inclusive and sophisticated, but unfortunately currently unavailable. Recently, Sniperspy’s systems were victim to several hacking attacks, and as of the writing of this review the product is unavailable. Make sure to stay updated by visiting the website. In the meantime, you can enjoy the security and quality of the Perfect Keylogger.

Spyrix Keylogger for Mac best alternative

Spyrix offers a clear layout and user-friendly interface (I personally thought that other keyloggers offer a more aesthetically pleasing design) and the standard keylogging/monitoring capabilities. The program is invisible and well-disguised to an unknowing user and allows for remote monitoring. Additionally, even non-printed keystrokes are recorded. One can test out the keylogger for a free 5-day trial.

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The downside of Spyrix is that it some screenshots come out all white, and sometimes the program crashes. Additionally, the report features are very limited – you can only search reports by keyword, and reports can only be sent via email. If you’re looking for a stable keylogger with the features that meet your needs, the Perfect Keylogger is the solution.