Perfect Keylogger 2024 - now supports Windows 1 1 ARM!

New version with better support for remote monitoring!
High quality product with free lifetime updates.

Do you want to know what employees are doing online? Or perhaps you want to check up on your children or spouse and know what they are doing on the computer? With Perfect Keylogger it is possible in just 2 minutes! This program runs on the installed computer, fully hidden from its users, and logs everything that was typed in a protected file. Install Perfect Keylogger and find out the Truth!

Perfect Keylogger is a new generation keylogger which is virtually undetectable. It was created as an alternative to some very expensive commercial products. It has a similar functionality, but significantly easier to use. The complex internal mechanisms are hidden from the user behind the friendly interface. You can install Perfect Keylogger and use it immediately – without messing with settings.

Perfect Keylogger is a popular award-winning tool. It lets you to record all keystrokes typed, the time they have been entered and the application, where they have been entered. It works in the absolutely stealth mode. The stealth mode means that no button or icon presents in the Task Bar, and no process title is visible in the Task Manager.

Also, Perfect Keylogger can carry out visual surveillance. It periodically makes screenshots in invisible mode and stores the compressed images on the disk, so you can review everything later.

Our keylogger has a unique Quick Installation feature. You can create a pre-configured package for 1-click silent installation on the target computer!

The Smart Rename feature lets you to rename all keylogger’s executable files and registry entries using a single keyword!

One of the most powerful features of Perfect Keylogger is its advanced Keyword Detection and Notification. Create a list of “on alert” words or phrases, and keylogger will continually monitor keyboard typing, URLs and web pages for these words or phrases. You can tell Perfect Keylogger which phrases to watch out for – for example, “sex,” “porn”, “where do you live,” “are your parents home,” “is your wife sleeping,” “I hate my boss” – whatever you decide to include. When a keyword is detected, Perfect Keylogger makes screenshot and immediately sends an email notification to you.

Perfect Keylogger was the first keylogging software solution, which can be absolutely invisible in Windows Task Manager! Now we are glad to offer the full 64 bit support – you won’t find it in many competition products.

The program lets you easily view the log file, displaying the title of the window (for example, title: “John (Online) – Message Session” in Skype), the date and time of the action and the contents of the typed matter itself.

Unlike some other spy software products, Perfect Keylogger does not send any information to our company. Only you will receive the log files. We guarantee the absolute privacy, high quality product and technical support – that’s why we have thousands of satisfied customers!

You pay once, all further updates are free. For example – customers, who bought the first version in 2002, now can get our latest version for free! You’ll be sure – you always have the most compatible monitoring software. 

Perfect Keylogger has been tested on Windows 11 ARM laptops, you can try it on your ARM Macs in Parallels Desktop!

We do not recommend to use a cheap or free spy software. You can get the important data leaks or system crashes! We guarantee your system safety with our product.

Perfect Keylogger is available in three editions: full version, full version remote edition and basic edition. Choose the functionality you need.

For installations on the multiple computers, we also offer the Business License of the product.

Comparison of the editions of the product (prices exclude local taxes):

Full Version (most popular)
Full Version Remote Edition
Basic Edition

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Has an intuitive interface and very easy to use, even for beginners
Absolutely invisible mode
Remote Installation / Update / Removal
Logs texts and passwords typed in the every application, including popular instant messengers
Supports Windows Modern UI interface
Full support of Windows 10/11
Supports virtually all input languages (Unicode engine), including Japanese, Arabic, Thai, Chinese!
Visual surveillance (screenshots)
Multi-monitor support
Slideshow for screenshots
Records Webcam snapshots
Captures passwords behind the asterisks
Captures button clicks
Captures screen information on every mouse click
Logs websites visited
Captures both sides of chats for the most popular instant messengers (Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger)!
Detection and notification of the custom keywords (alerts)
Records contents of password protected web pages, including Web Mail messages (using our additional software)
Monitors Windows Clipboard
Sends text logs by e-mail (the only keylogger that supports modern Gmail!)
Sends screenshots by e-mail (in the stealth mode)
Uploads ALL logs to separate folders by FTP (in the stealth mode)!
Optional ZIP compression and password protection of the log files before transferring by email or FTP
Automated renaming of the keylogger's files and registry entries
Monitors computer activity only when user goes online (option)
Monitors all users of the PC, even if you don't know their passwords
User friendly HTML file format for emailed logs
Invisible in Windows Task Manager
"Quick Install" - configure keylogger on your PC, then just run it on another PC to install
Intercepts DOS-box and Java-chat keystrokes
Instant install from a memory card or a flash drive
Supports international keyboards
External log viewer
Supports for printing of the log
Windows 64 bit support
Strong encryption of the log file
Records keystrokes in the specified applications
Saves log files to HTML
Basic Edition:

1 license

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Full version

1 license

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Full remote version

1 license

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Business license (unlimited installations) – special discount – today only $249.95 $99.00 

More information is available in the Perfect Keylogger online documentation and FAQ.
If you don’t know, how to set it up – just contact us and we will help you immediately!

Attention: only full version of the keylogger includes all functionality!

Some applications of the keylogger:

➠ Monitoring children’s activity for parents
➠ Stealth monitoring of your spouse
➠ Restore lost information
➠ Monitor which programs were opened and when
➠ Recall what you wrote some time ago

Perfect Keylogger runs on the installed computer, being fully hidden from its users. It logs everything that the user types in a protected file, makes screen captures, monitors websites visited and captures copying to the clipboard.

You can order the full version here. Any payment type!

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Main menu and options window

Viewing text log

Viewing visual log

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