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Perfect Keylogger for Mac

Perfect Keylogger for Mac

Now records everything on Apple Silicon/ARM Macs and macOS Sonoma/Sequoia!

Perfect Keylogger for Mac is a simple and proven software for user's activity recording on Apple Macs (MacBook Air/Pro, iMac, Mac Mini). This app records every single keystroke typed, captures both ways of chats in Apple Messages, records websites visited in all major web browsers, periodically makes screenshots of user's activity, and much more! It supports the password recording on all macOS versions - up to macOS Sonoma.

You can receive all user's activity reports by email (for example to the most popular Gmail and Yahoo), or get everything delivered to your private FTP account. Perfect Keylogger would be useful to keep an eye on your kids; for employee monitoring, and in many different situations. We are focused on quality and customer satisfaction and our goal is to deliver the best product and best service you can find today - without stealing your personal data, like many competitors! We have no access to the data, that has been recorded by the Perfect Keylogger.


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We offer the lifetime license - without any subscription or upgrade fees


With 20+ years of experience in computer monitoring software, we offer the proven product you deserve!


You can get the latest version now - from $34.95 USD


If you need to install this app on all your Macs, you can purchase our Site license for $99. Please click here for details.

Perfect Keylogger for Mac features:

  • Easy and fast installation - without restart
  • Keystroke logging and application monitoring - keylogger will record all keystrokes (including special keys) typed in every application - Pro version only
  • Password recording in all applications on all versions of macOS including Sonoma - with a special password recording add-on.
  • Records all Mac users in multi-user environment, including guest account!
  • Records both ways of chat conversations in iMessage, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger!
  • Website recording (records all web addresses/titles visited in many popular web browsers)
  • Website blocking, based on simple black lists
  • Screenshot recording (with selective recording of the apps you need)
  • Snapshot recording with an iSight camera. Find out what's happening in your room while you're away!
  • Slideshow playback
  • Keystroke and screenshot recording in Windows applications
  • Email delivery - the log files will be instantly emailed to you (including keystrokes, iMessage chats, websites, screenshots and iSight snapshots)
  • FTP support (you can invisibly upload keystrokes, chats, websites and screenshots to your website or another computer with additional software). We recommend to use cloud file storage (only the paid and verified account) to transmit, review and store the activity recorded. Please contact our support for help.
  • Can monitor every user account of your Mac with Administrator password
  • Full support of all existing versions of macOS (macOs Sonoma, Ventura, Monterey, Catalina, Mojave and earlier)
  • Older versions 2,6 is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Norwegian


Additional details:

Buy Perfect Key logger for Mac now - secure online purchase - $34.95!

Buy Perfect Keylogger for Mac Now! and more...


Screenshots of the Perfect Keylogger for Mac



 Mac Keylogger - Perfect Key Logger - General Options

Keylogger for Mac - Perfect Key Logger - Screenshot recording options

Mac keylogger - alert

Keylogger for Mac - Perfect Key Logger - iSight capture options

Mac keylogger - alert

Keylogger for Mac - Perfect Keylogger - Email Options

Remote Mac password logger - Perfect Keylogger - FTP uploading options

iMac and MacBook monitoring software - Perfect Keylogger - storage options

Apple Spy software - Perfect Keystroke logger - User options

MacBook Air spy software for parents - Perfect Key logger - website blocking options

Uninstall Perfet Keylogger for Mac

Retina display support:


Retina display support in Perfect Keylogger for Mac



Perfect Keylogger for Mac - Log Viewer

Click to enlarge. Mac Keystroke Logger - Log Viewer: Keystrokes recorded

The software is available for download immediately after purchase!


Click to enlargeBuy Perfect Keylogger for Mac now - secure online purchase!


Download free version of this app - Perfect Keylogger Lite

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Skype Spy

Facebook Messenger Spy



Works on any Mac!


macOS 10.11.x 10.12.x, 10.13.x, 10.14.x, 10.15, 11, 12, 13, 14.



Customer satisfaction and refund policy

Our software is well-tested and is working for thousands of customers. We guarantee to help you with any technical problem you may experience. If we will not solve your problem, we'll issue a FULL refund. If you have any doubts before purchase, please contact our tech support first. Please note that we do not issue refunds for simply changing your mind.



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Perfect Keylogger for Windows

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Translators wanted!

Translate the latest version of Perfect Keylogger for Mac from English to your native language and get this keylogger for free! Click here for details.


Customer feedback

I want to thank you for the the Perfect Keylogger for Mac. It was one of the easiest things to install and use. I found no bugs, used smtp functions, and it literally saved my life. Thank you for saving me years of pain and frustration! This was one of the greatest investments I have EVER made. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!



Thank you, the installation was simple and it worked first time without any messing around. Brilliant product and one you need to shout about a little louder as this works fantastically well compared to the others I've tried.



This MAC Perfect Keylogger just saved my marriage. I knew my husband was cheating on me online, but could not get past the lies. With the Keylogger I was able to present the cold hard facts. He came clean and agreed to get counselling and now it's going great. The Tech Support that came with the program helped me all the way with any questions or difficulties. Thanks so much.

- S.P.

I already purchased "Perfect Keylogger for Mac Pro" with password recorder and it works extremely good.

I've only tested it on local machine. installation and config took less than 5 min.


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