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Perfect Keylogger
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The trial versions of the Perfect Keylogger are no longer available, please purchase it to download immediately after.

Keylogger Detector v. 1.36 for Windows 11/10/8/7 (language: English)

10 day trial version with full functionality;

File size: 599 KB;

  Click here  for download.

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Smart Type Assistant v. 2.0 (language: English) 


File size: 591 KB;

 Click here for download.

 Previous version (includes Smart Diary)

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Snipping Tool for Windows, freeware (language: English) 

This free tool lets you to cut a piece of your screen and then copy, save or email it instantly. Rectangular and free shape screenshots are supported.

File size: 1.72 MB;

 Click here  for download

 Click here  to download older version for Windows XP

This tool will let you to draw a random shape of the materials you need on a screen, then it will save the screen portion of selected area into a rectangular or random-shape image.


Apple MacOS Apps:


  Right Zoom for Mac 3.0 (language: English)

This small tool changes a default behaviour of the green Maximize button on a Mac. It will be maximizing the user defined windows without activating the Full screen mode.

Last update: 20 Sep 2023;

 Click here  to download for macOS 10.10-14 (64-bit version)

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  Start Menu for Mac 1.4 - freeware (language: English)

Start Menu for Mac adds a Start Button to your Dock, so you'll be able to review all programs installed with a single mouse click and run what you need fast.

Last update: 22 Nov 2021;

Requires: macOS 10.9+

File size: 1.32 MB;

 About this product

 Click here  for download.

 Click here  to download v1.1 for older systems - 10.4 and later.


  Free Website Blocker for Mac 1.5 - freeware (language: English)

Parental control software. Blacklist unwanted websites on your Mac - by website addresses or web page titles. Could be useful to block porn websites.

Required: macOS 10.9+

File size: 452 KB;

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