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Spyrix Keylogger for Windows best alternative

Speaking of the best keyloggers for Windows, Spyrix wins the top spot. This wholesome tool sports all the keylogging features you need for monitoring the user’s computer activities. It can monitor the user via a secure web account, log all the keystrokes, even the removed ones, record all the clipboard content, take screenshots of the desktop without the user knowing about it, and track apps and overall user activity. It also comes with printer control. There is not one advanced keylogging feature that this tool doesn’t have, making it the very best available in the market.  


Spyrix Windows keylogger free alternative download


The downside of Spyrix is that it has a very expensive subscription. Also it's hard to install together with some antiviruses. If you're looking for a stable and affordable keylogger with the features that meet your needs, the Perfect Keylogger is the solution.



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